Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Interview with Jim Vieira, Andrew Collins and Peter Anick on the Giants of North America


Since 2008 I have been researching Giant reports, most notably in North America. After reading Ross Hamilton's classic 'A Tradition of Giants' about the 7ft - 12ft giants who ruled the Ohio area of North America (often with double-rows of teeth), I became fascinated how myths and legends may actually be true, and give a clue to who built these sites. Since then researchers like Jim Vieira have found around 1500 reports of this unknown race from reputable newspapers, science journals, town histories and private letters. Many were excavated from ancient mounds, and some from megalithic sites. This is the first part of an hour-long interview I did with Jim last October when I was in New England. It includes interviews with Andrew Collins, and also Peter Anick from the New England Antiquities Research Association. 

Filmed, Produced, and Directed by Hugh Newman. 

Copyright Hugh Newman/Megalithomania 2013. All Rights Reserved. 

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