Monday, September 3, 2012

The Dragon Clan and the American Presidents

I arrived in Boston on the night of 29th August, having fled England on the trail of the Dragon Clan, mound builders and the mysterious megalithic giants of ancient legend.

Sheena met me at the airport and we checked into the 'Presidential Motel' before starting our quest the following morning. We drove to downtown Quincy and spotted a huge granite megalithic ball outside the town hall. It was carved in 1925 and said to be "The most nearly perfect carved sphere in the world". It reminded me that we would be visiting a much more ancient selection of 'megalithic marbles', when we visit Costa Rica in late November.

I knew of a Gravestone in Quincy, Massachusetts that had written evidence worded by the second president John Adams, about his father, Henry Adams.  It described fleeing England during the "Dragon persecution" that is believed to have resulted in bringing a secret, higher, esoteric knowledge to the New World, and extending this enchantment into a "New Atlantis".  A group involving John dee, Christopher Llwyd, Sir. Walter Raleigh, Christopher Marlowe, Francis Bacon and even Queen Elizabeth ll, called themselves the 'Dragons', an esoteric clan who resided in Somerset and Devon in the 1600's, who were an extension of "The Invisible College". They were keen on setting up a monarchy in America based upon esoteric principles. The Dragon philosophy appears to have been based upon Druid ideas that had an understanding of leys, geomantic earth energies, and how to influence these for a higher purpose. The inevitable persecution that started soon after, pushed some of the Dragons over the Atlantic to North America. These influences were to be seen in the philosophy of John Adams, with his promises of creating a New World of peace, justice and education. Some of these principles were even built into the geometric foundations of Washington DC, as well as developing into a number of secret societies, that became quickly corrupted by power and greed and became the Skull and Bones society and the Illuminate groups that still hold on to that power.

However, all is not lost, as the landscape of North America also encodes this secret enchantment, and has done for thousands of years....and it is waking up. We realise those that resided in North America were an incredibly sophisticated megalithic and mound building culture, and knew of the esoteric, geomantic, geometrical principles. Whether the Dragon Clan knew that they knew, or whether they ignored the Native Americans, the knowledge was still there and although much of it has now been desecrated, there is still much to explore in the earthworks and megalithic remains, as well as checking out artefacts, unusual inscriptions and even strange giant skeletons, with double rows of teeth and reaching heights beyond 8 feet.

We met up with Geologist/Author Robert Schoch and Katie Ullisey in Boston to discuss his latest findings from Turkey, and talked about the similarities between Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, Gobekli Tepe and Easter Island, and the extreme dating of many of the monuments, often a lot older that is generally accepted.  See details of the upcoming tour to Peru and Bolivia here with Freddy Silva:

The more I have looked in to the mysterious prehistory of North America, the more mysteries reveal themselves to me. The quest is on, to find out who these ancient mound builders and megalithomaniacs really were.....

Find out more about Megalithomania at:
See Robert Schoch's website here:


  1. Hello Hugh, nice post! Coincidentally, I just started reading _Atlantis in America: Navigators of the Ancient World_ by Ivar Zapp and George Erikson. Costa Ricas calls!
    Have a fabulous trip. If you come to DC, I will show you a stone circle and a stone gateway worth considering. -LB

    1. Larry, I have that book in my bag! Were heading to Costa Rica in late November.