Friday, September 14, 2012

Serpent Mound, Adam's County, Ohio

8th September: At 3am I heard a crashing at the windows of the room I was staying in at Roy's house in Peebles, Ohio. White flashing light and immense thunder simultaneously woke me up. It was powerful and felt like it was designed to get my attention. I remembered what Ross Hamilton had told me about the legendary Thunderbirds, who could manifest as lightning and thunder and charge up the earth energies below the surface of the earth.  Had the Thunderbirds given me a warning, or a greeting into this enchanted landscape? I would find out the next day.

9th September: The next morning, we drove to Serpent Mound after an awesome breakfast cooked up by Roy. We aimed to get there on this particular day because local residents were displaying artefacts discovered on there land. We drove up the track to Serpent Mound and I was immediately drawn to a particular mound that was about 5 ft high and 15ft wide. I went to dowse it and found three energy currents meeting at its apex. I later found out that a giant skeleton had been unearthed from the mound, that was rediscovered printed on an old postcard with a note saying it was 7ft tall. However the skeleton had its shins and feet missing, so it could easily have been 8 ft. This was yet another stunning piece of evidence that the Giants were here in Ohio.

Image from Postcard, showing "7ft Skeleton" (without shins or feet)

Serpent Mound sits on the southwest edge a 'crypto explosion crater' that has powerful magnetic and gravitational anomalies going deep into the earth, even as far as the mantle. These anomalies cause all sorts of weather fluctuations and earth energy effects. As with many other mound sites (such as Grave Creek Mound and Cahokia), Serpent Mound was built upon a powerful magnetic anomaly and on a fault line created by this prehistoric impact. 

View of the Crater
We went up to the edge of the crater and got a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape, with local residents telling us about the strange weather patterns that affect this area. No one lives in the crater itself, because the energies are too powerful and I was told that some people have been driven mad when they did. 
We met up with Jeffrey Wilson, who had done a talk at Megalthomania USA in October 2011 about the Ohio sites and crop circles in the area. He showed us around some of the site and we met Delsey and his kids and picnicked with them. Jeffrey has carried out LIDAR surveys of the Ohio landscape and it has helped him discover many secrets invisible to satellite photography. Most notably, were the 'plumes' or feathers that are on either side of the Serpent. I had no idea this was a 'Plumed Serpent', like the legends of Quetzalcoatl in Mexico and Virococha in Peru. That symbols seems to appear throughout the America's and is always associated with lightning, thunder, earth energies and sophisticated ancient technologies, such as fertility control of seeds and grains. They are also said to be 'tall' and that is certainly the case with this part of North America. 

The late John burke had done several tests at Serpent Mound with bags of various types of seed, just after a lightning and thunderstorm, and got remarkable results when they were planted against controls. There was growth increase, faster yield and stronger plants. Again, were the legends of the Thunderbirds indications of when to place the seeds on the mound to charge them up?

Jeffrey also pointed out a potential post-hole that may have aligned the mound with the summer solstice. The whole of Serpent Mound encodes a sophisticated astronomical secret, that has now been discovered and Ross has also been able to align it in his Star-Mounds project to the constellation of Draco. Each curve of the serpent represents the extremes of the Sun and Moon rises and sets along the horizon and could have been used as a detailed calendar system.

Serpent Mound Megalith
We met the legendary Ross Hamilton for the first time and he told me about a shaped rectangular megalith down the side of the bluff, that looked out of place and could have been once at the centre of the 'egg' effigy. It is interesting that when this site was discovered, there was a cairn of small stones at the centre of the egg. These were thrown down the side more recently because the grass cutter was getting annoyed by having to circle round them every time! The monolith, on the other hand, must have involved a team to move it out of position and throw it down the side of the bluff. Jeffrey Wilson and Ross discovered it whilst walking one of the trails in 2007. It looked remarkably like the 'Manitou' stones I had seen in New England, with a deliberate notch on the top of it, suggesting it was once an important monolith. We investigated it and Ross tapped on one end of the stone, whilst I placed my ear against the other end, and the sound travelled along to the other end, with a hollow sound. Ross proclaimed it was 'tuned' and would be an ideal lightning receiver upon the Serpent Mound. I felt it was the missing piece of the puzzle and would have acted as the greater axis-mundi or 'sacred centre' of the whole Ohio valley. It would have been the only megalith of its kind in the area, and I had a strong feeling it needed to be replaced back upon the egg of Serpent Mound to re-integrate the energies of the Serpent (earth spirit) and the Thunderbird (sky spirit). From where the megalith is, the overhanging rocks near the head of the Serpent, actually look like a snakes head. Did this inspire the location of Serpent Mound?
John Feirtag & Ross Hamilton gazing at the Serpent Simulacra
The park was now closing, so we stopped at a classic American diner for some food, and I followed Ross back to his home in Silverton, Ohio, where we talked for as long as we could about the mysteries of the Ohio landscape, the deep prehistory of America and the 'star people', before getting to bed. 

My dreams were strange that night. I was with a group of people and building were being blown up, and we had to escape in my camper-can to get water and food, but the military blocked our every move. Was it prophetic or was it from watching too many Hollywood films? Whatever it was, it got me thinking about how strange and contrary the great US of A really is. 

The Serpent Simulacra, on the cliff below Serpent Mound, viewed from where the fallen Megalith is.


  1. Thank you for posting this info and pictures. I am also fascinated with ancient sites and as an artist, I seek to illustrate and educate as much as possible on this subject. I saw your blog post and had to write, as I just completed a painting of the Ohio Serpent Mound. Here is a link of one place it is online. I would enjoy hearing back from you!

  2. You should contact me the next time your in Ohio, so I can direct you to some, "off the map," mound and earthwork sites

    1. Hi Fritz - We traveled a long way to come to see your talk at the 'Ancient Mysteries' Conference in Indiana, but you did not turn up to do your talk!

  3. Hi, I listened to you on red ice radio which was very interesting, and this led me to your website. I have been reading your journals on here and see you dowse around around the sites you visit. I have recently started to dowse myself and would like to know if you have any tips at all for dowsing ley lines, energy lines etc.. ? I look forward to your reply. Thank you.

    1. It's all about having a clear mind, focussing on what you are looking for. I recommend

  4. Thank you very much. I have been practicing since I posted the comment. I have found meditating afew times a day is helping too. Thanks again. All the best in the future to you. :-)

  5. Please see the plaque at the location and read the history of this earthwork. It is not the original, that one having been destroyed by the government, no doubt because they believed it was native american indian in origin. Such things do tend to stand as evidence that the land belongs to the earlier inhabitants and they can't have that happening. So, may other ancient earthworks have gone the same way in Ohio and we who live here have seen this happening for decades. The state leaves it up to the land owner to decide what is done with any archeological finds no matter how significant they may be or who they may be attributed to. Even if the land owner isn't the one destroying such things there are others who are more than willing to do so themselves. They seek artifacts to sell at local swap meets, flea markets, yard sales, the internet, etc. The laws are very loose in this state and much has been lost. The state is also lax in protecting properties it owns and manages. A good example of this is a place in Hocking County called Old Man's Cave where it used to be that if you stepped on the trail there were Rangers more than willing to write you up for it and issue a fine. Now though, people come there to swim with their dogs and kids in diapers in the unclorinated water. Obviously the state isn't worried about any health concerns. The once natural floral and fauna have been destroyed by people who now wander all over the hills off trail. It used to be like stepping into another world but now it looks just like anywhere else with trash strewn about. The streams there used to have minnows and all manner of life in them but are now nearly dead. People don't care what they destroy and the state wants more money to protect such places. We Ohioans tend not to report any new finds for fear they too will be destroyed by a greedy public and state. Serpent Mound used to be a place where you were not permitted to walk on the earthworks but now when you visit people are invariably all over them. It's too bad you don't write about these things so that readers gain an appreciation for what can be lost and is being lost all the time now in Ohio. The laws are lax because anything prior to white occupation on the land is still suspected as being native american indian. There have been skeletal remains of giants found in various locations in the state from early on but instead of protecting these as possibly coming from other races they were either destroyed or hidden. There is one such burial located in Athens, Ohio under the street where the first traffic light was installed! The only reason I know of it is from an old article once clipped out of an 1800s newspaper for that city that detailed the seven plus foot skeletons who were oddly arranged in what appeared to be ebony boxes. The city had them reburied where they lay and built the street right over top of them! Had these been suspected white burials it would have been protected and preserved for posterity. How much knowledge of the world have we lost because of this?