Monday, September 17, 2012

Fort Ancient, Ohio

Hugh dowsing at Norwood Mound
9th September: After a glorious breakfast lovingly served up bt Ross' partner Lesley, we headed off to Norwood Mound, not far from Ross' house, to check out this site that has never been excavated. It was slightly elongated and was surrounded by houses. I dowsed it for earth energies and found a crossing point of three currents at its apex. Its energy was pristine and felt elated as I climbed the structure. However we were meeting Jeff Wilson and John Feiertag at Fort Ancient, a magnificent hilltop earthwork enclosure near Lebanon, Ohio, so we had to get a move on. 

Before I visited this part of North America, I thought there were just a few mounds and geometrical earthworks in the Ohio Valley. I had no idea there were many sites as gigantic as Fort Ancient. Two conical mounds around 20ft high, greeted us as we drove through them into the main entrance. The outer 'walls' of the so-called fort, were about 15ft high (at the entrance). I noticed several notches in the outer wall, as though they were used for astronomical observation of sun and moon rises and sets, much like has been proposed at Wandlebury, near Cambridge back home in the UK. 

We drove in to the main complex and took a long walk around the museum with Jeff wilson guiding us around. I was impressed by the site, especially the stone mounds and three potentlal stone circles , that are still buried in the ground, yet to be excavated - but marked by a circles of small stones on the surface.

The museum is an excellent introduction to the mound culture sites of North America, with an interesting collection of artefacts, pipes and weapons. What interested me the most was the exhibition that showed that happened when the Europeans arrives and detailed who did what to the Native inhabitants. It reminded me of what I had read in the 'Indian Wars' book, but the museum bought it to life. The foundations of 'America' are very odd and more violent and sadistic than I had originally thought. 

One of the four 'Stone Mounds'
The astronomical significance of Fort Ancient is interesting, as the notches in the outer walls aligned with four stone mounds in the northern part of the enclosure. They formed a great square, plus a great wooden circle has also now been discovered, much like the one at Cahokia, Illinois. 

We checked out the thin middle part of the fort. This is where the three stone circles had been detected below the ground. I detected earth energies between each of the stone circles that led to the mounds. We continued to the southern part of the fort spotting a few mounds on the way and took a walk to the edge of the fort that has a sudden drop. Jeff and Ross believe the middle part of the fort may have been constructed from deep down the cliff edge. The sheer magnitude of the earthworks bewildered me and gave me another view on the Hopewell who built the fort and the later Fort Ancient people.

With the great 'cursus' starting at the two outer Mounds
I hung out next to the two entrance mounds, trying to detect the long parallel earthwork that looked like a cursus, that headed northeast from the two mounds. On some maps, it is clearly marked and has what looks like a serpents long body and head with a mound within it. No sign of it remains at all.

We meditated there for a while then headed to Lebanon and stayed in a strangely fantastic motel (White Knight Motel) that had a swimming pool in a cage in the parking lot next to a hardware store. We decided not to go for a swim. 

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